JTH Alliance, Lighting Agency Office

Lightglass for Lighting Experts

Location: JTH Alliance – Des Moines, IA
Market: Office
Application Type: Wallglass Clerestory Array
Products Installed: (3) 13″x49″ Wallglass Units

The lighting agents at JTH Alliance are some of the best in the business. They have both breadth and depth of knowledge across hundreds of lighting products and manufacturers, and provide holistic guidance to the design community when it comes to lighting the built environment. For these reasons, it is a particular honor that they decided Lightglass is worthy of a permanent installation in their office.

Although they were not planning any construction, the JTH team was eager to find a place for Lightglass in their Des Moines, Iowa home. They have an approximately 12’x12′ section of the office in the core of the building that has several work stations, but no direct access to daylight or windows. This is where they decided to install (3) Lightglass 13″x49″ units in a clerestory array. They installed them side-by-side, recessed deep into the standard 2×4 stud wall to create a more pronounced sense of depth. Because of their position high up on the wall, there is no expectation of a view of the outdoors, and the experience of daylight fills the space.

Thank you JTH Alliance!