Rec Philly | Studios, Lounge, & Conference Rooms

Project Details

Location: Rec Philly
Market: Office
Application Type: Array
Products Installed:
(Two 4’x6′ Arrays Consisting of Six 2’x2′ Units)
Skyglass (Six 18″x18″ Units)
Interior Designer:  Eimer Design
General Contractor: Scungio Borst & Associates

Part incubator, part creative agency, REC Philly is a physical space, digital application, and creator community designed and dedicated to providing its members with the resources, education & opportunities to build sustainable & scalable businesses around their talents. Their new home in the Fashion District (9th and Market St) in Philadelphia, will serve as a coworking space for painters, musicians, dancers, podcasters, and artists of all kinds. However, this new space is located in a renovated shopping mall and has no windows or access to daylight.

rec philly wallglass array up close

“People comment all the time on the Lightglass.  It brings a great energy to our studio!” – David Silver, CEO Rec Philly

rec philly three photos in one array and skylights

In an effort to transform the windowless coworking and kitchen areas, Eimer Design decided to create two 4’x6’ windows from an array of six 2’x2’ Lightglass units. These windows are controlled via a bluetooth mesh network.  The intensity and color-temperature of the virtual daylight can be adjusted from a phone or tablet using the Casambi app. The Lightglass windows provide functional light and dynamics for the space, facilitating focus and productivity for the artists working in the room.  In the recording studio, painting studio, and conference room, the REC leadership team decided Lightglass skylights were the best way to create a connection to the outdoors. By suspending 18”x18” Lightglass from the decking above, and utilizing an 8” beveled reveal that meets the ceiling, the Lightglass skylights become indistinguishable from real skylights.

Congratulations to the REC community on their new home, and to Eimer for their beautifully executed design. We are proud to have had a small part in creating a space where artists can thrive, and we look forward to growing alongside our Philly neighbors at REC.

rec philly wallglass arrays