Caldwell High School

A Daylighted Library

Location: Caldwell High School | Caldwell, TX
Market:  Education
Application Type: Clerestory
Products Installed: (20) 25″x25″ Wallglass Units
Architect: Parkhill
Engineer: MEP Engineering
Rep Agency: Spectrum Lighting Inc. | Austin, TX

Caldwell High School Clerestory 2

Project Details

A library is where students go to find space for hours of deep focus learning, but a windowless core of a building is unlikely to stimulate feelings of curiosity, exploration, energy, or focus. At Caldwell High School, the library is in the building core, and they needed a way to make it a beneficial learning environment. The school’s design team looked to LIGHTGLASS to provide a biophilic element that would provide both the experience of daylight entering the library, as well as circadian entrainment for the students and faculty working in the space. 

There are (20) 25″x25″ LIGHTGLASS units acting as punch-out windows around the perimeter of a vaulted ceiling at the center of the library. They are recessed into drywall, and will change color and intensity throughout the day to match the sunlight outside. As you can see from the photos, the LIGHTGLASS is indiscernible from an exterior frosted window, and will convince library visitors that there is sunlight entering the space. These improvements not only make the library look and feel better, they will also lead to better learning outcomes for students at Caldwell High. 
The LIGHTGLASS team takes pride in helping to create spaces for learning and focus. Please reach out if you are interested in adding LIGHTGLASS to a student space.